We are currently performing a complete renovation and maintenance of the facilities. We would like to inform our current and future clients that the Medical Center Oxilife will temporarily not perform hyperbaric oxygenation procedures. We will be glad to inform you about the renewal of our work and to welcome you to the renovated medical center.

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When are we healthy?

Alkalinity and oxygen are the two pillars of good health and a strong immune system. They do not allow the development of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. In a healthy human body, the blood and the other body fluids must be slightly alkaline, and the tissues must be well supplied with oxygen.

When do we get sick?

When a human body is under stress as a result of the polluted environment, the food we eat, the emotions we have, the air we breathe or the water we drink, the internal level of toxicity reaches critical values and exceeds the natural ability of the body to purify itself. The levels of alkalinity and oxidation go down and a state of toxemia is reached. This state is characterized by two elements: excessive acidity (acidosis) and a shortage of oxygen (hypoxia). This creates an oxygen deficient environment conducive to the development of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a simple, painless, and non-invasive method of increasing the amount of oxygen in the body above what can be achieved through ordinary breathing. HBOT involves entering a hyperbaric chamber and inhaling 100% pure oxygen under increased air pressure. The condition of increased air pressure facilitates the ability of human blood to transport oxygen, which makes the complete satiation of the body tissues with oxygen possible.

The stay inside the hyperbaric chamber causes improvement of the mental and physical condition of the body. The therapy has a relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating effect.

How does hyperbaric oxygenation work?

The sessions take place in a luxurious, big, spacious and comfortable hyperbaric chamber able to accommodate several persons. Each person inside the chamber breathes under increased air pressure 100% of pure oxygen through an oxygen mask. A session inside the chamber takes place under the constant monitoring by a high-qualified team and after a preliminary and mandatory consultation with a medical doctor.

Customers can listen to music during the therapy, read books and magazines, meditate or do simple body exercises from sitting. You can communicate with other participants in the session as long as they want to speak with you too. For security reasons the use of electronic devices, batteries and any other appliances and equipment under pressure is forbidden.

What is the duration of a session inside the hyperbaric chamber?

The duration of a session inside the hyperbaric chamber is determined by the physiological condition of the person. As a result, the duration of the stay inside the chamber varies (from 45 to 90 minutes) as well as the oxygen pressure and the total number of restorative therapy sessions.

A session includes: a compression period (increasing the pressure inside the chamber), a working pressure period (the maximum pressure for a given session when oxygen is inhaled), and a decompression period (decreasing the pressure inside the chamber).

How many sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions may vary depending on the specific physiological condition. A single course of therapy includes a minimum of 10 sessions. Normally, depending on the doctor's direction, about 20 sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation are recommended in order to achieve the maximum effect.


Like for most medical procedures there are some limitations for the use of the hyperbaric chamber for customers with some medical conditions. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is contraindicated in case of emphysema, pneumothorax (collection of air in the chest), epilepsy, for people with pacemakers, intracranial valves, severe heart failure, and others.

Are there risks involved in hyperbaric oxygenation?

As with any medical therapy, some risks exist that are relatively rare. All the necessary precautionary measures for safety are provided during a session inside the hyperbaric chamber. Before the start of a session, instructions are given on how to safely use the hyperbaric chamber. A preliminary and mandatory consultation with a medical doctor is being performed before starting the therapy.

What are the positive effects from a session inside the hyperbaric chamber?

• stimulates and speeds up the self-healing processes in the human body;
• the deeper skin layers are satiated with molecular oxygen;
• the water balance is normalized;
• cell renewal is activated;
• collagen synthesis is stimulated;
• the concentration of oxygen inside the cells of the body is increased;
• it has a strong аntimicrobial effect;
• it has a detoxifying effect;
• improves skin structure, reduces the wrinkles;
• clears and levels the skin tan, removes pigmentation spots;
• strengthens the connective tissue;
• stimulates the activity of the central nervous system;
• exerts a positive revitalizing effect on slowly healing wounds, including diabetes foot;
• stimulates the activity of the cardiovascular system;
• reduces the post-surgical edemas and helps in the formation of new blood vessels
• stimulates the activity of the immune system;
• strengthens the effect of a number of pharmacological preparations as well as of radiation therapy;
• healing effect in cases of cerebral paralysis and multiple sclerosis;
• healing effect in cases of autism;
• healing effect in cases of depression, hyperactivity, panic attacks, anxiety neurosis, etc.;
• helps to overcome dependencies – drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, etc.;
• restorative effect in cases of traumas of the locomotive system and of sportspeople after heavy exercises.

Medical Center Oxylife
Address: EUROCENTER, zh.k. Manastirski livadi - B, bldg. 65, Flora street, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phones: +359 883 69 09 00 | +359 883 90 90 09, e-mail: info@oxylifebg.com

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